My Vision for the Future of AAUW

Candidates for Election to the 2015–17 AAUW Board of Directors were asked to answer two questions about their vision for the future of AAUW.  Here are my answers:

How can AAUW ensure that it will be a diverse, inclusive, and viable organization in 2025?

AAUW can ensure a diverse, inclusive, and viable organization in 2025 by:

  • Building its national membership, focusing on branches and affiliates such as the Younger Women’s Task Force;
  • Encouraging member participation in the shaping AAUW’s future through a variety of rich communication strategies, including space for dialogue at plenary sessions at National Conventions and meetings with state and branch leaders;
  • Continuing to build on the success of the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, Student Advisory Council and College-University partners; and
  • Continuing to be fiscally responsible.

What issues and/or programs will engage AAUW members, from all walks of life, within the next 10 years?

To engage its members in the next 10 years, AAUW must focus on its core values, mission, and competency by advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, research, and leadership training. AAUW should work in coalition with other feminist organizations, both within the United States and internationally. It should encourage greater participation by its members, especially those who are not on the national board, to identify emerging issues and strategies for addressing concerns at National Conventions, where there would be an opportunity to exchange ideas in plenary sessions, and throughout the biennium.

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I am Eileen Menton, a candidate for the Board of AAUW.

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