AAUW Has Posted Candidate Information on Its Website

AAUW has posted information about all of the candidates for election to the board. You can read our statements, view the videos, and visit websites.  Go to the Candidates Page.

My candidate statement:

AAUW needs board members who are passionate about its mission and have the vision and experience to address the structural and strategic challenges we are facing. I am that person.

My volunteer and professional experiences have prepared me for the National AAUW Board. I have served as an AAUW branch board member and president and at the state level as Secretary, Education Foundation Vice President, and Web Master. The leadership skills and relationships I developed in AAUW opened the opportunity for me to serve as Treasurer and ultimately as President of VGIF. During my 6 year presidency, VGIF assets grew from $2.5 to more than $16 million; the board transitioned from an operational to a governance model; and, most importantly, the number of grants given annually for grass-roots projects led by women in developing countries doubled. I retired from the U.S. Department of Justice, where I managed IT programs supporting litigators. I currently work as a contractor supporting the modernization of IT support at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

As a passionate supporter of AAUW I have funded an International Fellowship, which has already benefited 7 women; sponsored a member of the Student Advisory Council in each of the past 3 years; and supported AAUW funds as an Emerald Donor for the Breaking through Barriers Campaign and as a Legacy Circle member.

I look forward to hearing from you and would appreciate your vote. Learn more at ementon.wordpress.com.


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I am Eileen Menton, a candidate for the Board of AAUW.

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